Pleasanton's Best Dentist


Definitely hands down the best experience with Dr. Ewing. My mom was visiting me from China. And I saw her bridge that she had done in China was chipped. That was terrible dental work. Dr. Ewing took us in. He was very accommodating. My mom only had 3 weeks before she had to go back to China. There was a lot to be done and Dr. Ewing worked out an optimal treatment plan for us. He was compassionate and honest. He made my mom feel at ease and comfortable. He was so patient! The procedure was lengthy. He took his time to explain every step of the way. I really appreciated it. My mom’s case is definitely a challenge one. He thinks outside the box and finds the best treatment approach for my mom. He takes into consideration of my mom’s medical conditions and her lifestyle. He’s personal, he’s holistic. And of course, the most important part, his skills are top notch. He has very fine aesthetic eyes :) Below picture is the proof. Circled part was what was done. Picture was not altered or filtered. It was perfect. My mom was very happy.
— Qiu X.